Our Passion

Our Passion

Using our passion to produce happy outcomes

Some say ‘passion’ is an overused word.  Maybe so.  But there’s no better word to describe our approach to IT.  It’s this passion that’s the cornerstone of everything we do.

We’re not just hard-working IT experts.  We get a genuine kick out of our work.  Here’s how –

  1. You come to us with a problem (having a problem is not a good feeling).
  2. We analyse, we discuss, we explore.
  3. We design and deliver the solution.
  4. We present the solution to you, who are now … happy (‘happy’ is a good feeling).

OK, this might seem like an over-simplification but it’s true.  Our passion for this fascinating, incredible, wonderful and ingenious world of IT; our ability to use it to ‘make things better’ – this is what drives us towards excellence in everything we do.

Good people

The four golden pillars of principle

But passion alone ‘doth butter no parsnips’.

Of course, there’s more to developing successful IT solutions than unbridled enthusiasm.  Our dynamic approach is based on a clearly defined structure.  And every project is under-pinned by our four golden pillars of principle

  1. You know your own business
  2. You are always right
  3. Our mission is to guide your business – not to lead it
  4. Projects are business-led not technology-led. Technology is only the ‘how’ – not the why!

We live by these golden rules to remind ourselves that our focus is not on what we want out of life but on what you need for your business.

Measuring of our success

– it’s all about results

We measure our success, not just by producing a solution.  For us, what matters is watching it flourish.  We love nothing more than to see your project producing the results that you need for your business.

And that is our true passion.

Blue Sky Thinking

We’re pretty experienced.  After years of resolving clients’ problems, you might think we’d seen it all – happily sailing along applying cookie-cutter solutions to every project.  But no.  That’s not us.  That’s not how we work.  We’re dedicated blue sky thinkers. Read More

Our clients

We know our clients like our work, because they tell us.  Take a look at this handful of case studies.  See how we use our experience, skills and innovative approach to find the perfect solution to our clients’ Business issues.
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Passionate about our projects

Aristotle once said, ‘All things are possible, given the time and the will to achieve them’. This is certainly true for IT Projects.  Each one we take on throws up its own challenges.
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