How we work

How we work

Working Group

We’re a team of talented individuals, devoted to creating and delivering effective and innovative IT solutions for our clients’ businesses.

We’d love the chance to perform the same service for your business.  Our strength lies in

  • the breadth of our experience across many industries and in many large UK companies
  • our passionate, dedicated and innovative approach to issues, both large and small
  • our skill at the sharp end of designing and implementing solutions that work

When we take on new people, we don’t only look for technical know-how.  We don’t just seek original thinkers.  Our collaborative ‘blue sky’ approach demands people with life experience too – people who understand the value of working alongside each other, learning and appreciating their colleagues’ skill sets and points of view.

Our team are our biggest investment.  That’s why we choose them carefully and cherish them constantly.

Our vision

We set up IsSoftware in 2008.  Our vision was to harness our passion for information technology to create systems that work brilliantly for our clients and their businesses –

  • Improving the way they work
  • Making their lives easier
  • Increasing their profits via productivity gains.

Our process – in brief

It’s simple

  1. You come to us with a problem (having a problem is not a good feeling).
  2. We analyse, we discuss, we explore.
  3. We design and deliver the solution.
  4. We present the solution to you, who are now … happy (‘happy’ is a good feeling).

Our first task is to understand your business – your vision, your goals, your successes, your challenges – what makes your company tick.  We may need to find also about your sector in general.

We then design and deliver your desired solution.  We give you all the training and support you need to implement and maintain the product to the benefit of your business and your people.

Our clients …

We’ve worked with numerous clients across a variety of industrial and commercial sectors.  The project scopes have been wide ranging – from development of applications for start-ups through to multimillion-pound projects for local and central government departments.

… and our goals

For each project our goal has always been the same – to provide systems, processes, skills and resources that our client needs to complete their objectives.  We do this with an approach that is both collaborative and innovative.  We often achieve way beyond what our client is expecting by adopting an original ‘blue sky’ thought process.

Find out how

Our dedicated team of IT specialists can address your business issues.

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Company Up’s & Down’s

New Project

Today we start on a new journey in to the unknown. Over the years we have had many ideas and pet projects that have not succeeded to make it out of the design lab. It is the experiences of those glorious failures, that have helped to improve the next set of ideas. This in turn increases their chances of being a success. We are proud to announce that our next round of product development will be for …… “Shush, keep it quiet, it’s supposed to be a secret”.

Ho well, more on this later then!

Competed Mapping Platform Project

Today marks the end of a 1-year project to build a proof of concept platform for a UK Government department. We proved that the impossible could be done and for a far smaller budget than what was suggested by the big boys in this space. IsSoftware delivered the platform without cutting corners on quality, we wowed the board with the level of quality and detail of the documentation. We presented all of the user, system, support and design documentation of a production standard to the project board for acceptance.

Complete DevOps Platform

Completed the design and deployment of  a DevOps Platform for a UK Government department.  The project was handed over to the incumbent support organisation and at the conclusion of the transitional support and platform management plan IsSoftware successfully delivered the project.

Current Projects

IsSoftware conducted a successful user acceptance tests of  the secure infrastructure and software deployment that we were supporting for the Home Office.  We used a live demo and exercise to show capability and function set.

IsSoftware wins bloom framework project

IsSoftware has conducted a successful tender exercise with Bloom framework for a project with the UK Home Office. The Project is for the deployment and implementation of a proof of concept design we worked on last year.

Our Passion

Passion – there’s no better word to describe our approach to IT.  It’s this passion that’s the cornerstone of everything we do.  We’re not just hard-working IT experts.  We get a genuine kick out of our work.
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Blue Sky Thinking

We’re pretty experienced.  After years of resolving clients’ problems, you might think we’d seen it all – happily sailing along applying cookie-cutter solutions to every project.  But no.  That’s not us.  That’s not how we work.  We’re dedicated blue sky thinkers. Read More

Our clients

We know our clients like our work, because they tell us.  Take a look at this handful of case studies.  See how we use our experience, skills and innovative approach to find the perfect solution to our clients’ software issues.
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