Our Clients

Our clients

We know our clients like our work, because they tell us.
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Below are a some of case studies, where you can see exactly how we’ve used our experience, skills and innovative approach to find the perfect solution to our clients’ business issues.


Case study #1

The client – A large engineering company

The challenge – For over 20 years the company had under-invested in Information infrastructure and the systems now showed their age.  The company had invested in a new set of systems and CNC equipment, this equipment was due to be installed soon.  The current infrastructure was XP based and not fit to handle the new systems.  Our task was to design a low-cost environment that fitted with the security requirements of the manufacturer and their clients.

Our approach – We worked collaboratively with each of the departments and providers to analyse the issue.  We then worked with the embedded IT organisation to develop a solution that provided a seamless integration.

The result and benefits – Using hyper-converged infrastructure, we provided a design for a high-density computer platform at low cost. With its modular approach and ease of expansion, the implementation could quickly adapt to the changing requirement of the investment program.  So successful was our implementation, the company asked us to build two more – one for the corporate systems hosting platform to virtulise all the current back office and a DevOps platform for the product development teams.

Case study #2

The client – A Defence company

The challenge – The purpose built flight management system that drives the FTD and FFS flight simulators had become a large and complex code base.  Hard to fix and easy to break.

Our approach – We spent a couple of weeks on site, closely examining the company’s software system.  We talked with their key people, gathering a thorough understanding of where the real issues lay.

The result and benefits – In just one month, we had designed, implemented and tested a brand-new interface that plugged in to the original code base and provided a modular template where new variants of the flight management systems (one for each aircraft type) could be built in isolation from each other.  Key staff had been trained on the new interface and the code base handed over to the development teams.  Within weeks of implementation, the new flight management systems had been built and was working perfectly.  The results were instant – dramatically improved client engagement with quicker project design to implementation turnaround.


Our passion

Passion – There is no better word to describe our approach to IT.  It’s this passion that’s the cornerstone of everything we do.  We’re not just hard-working IT experts.  We get a genuine kick out of our work.
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Blue Sky Thinking

We’re pretty experienced.  After years of resolving clients’ problems, you might think we’d seen it all – happily sailing along applying cookie-cutter solutions to every project.  But no.  That’s not us.  That’s not how we work.  We’re dedicated blue sky thinkers.   Read More

How we work

We’re a team of talented individuals, devoted to creating and delivering effective and innovative IT solutions for our clients’ businesses.  We work in a collaborative way, using our know-how, experience and energy to deliver solutions that work. Read More