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Blue sky thinking

You might think of ‘Blue Sky Thinking’ as just another marketing cliché.  But not for us.  This beautiful phrase describes perfectly our approach to all projects.

After all – who doesn’t love blue sky?  Just paint your own picture.  Freedom of thought? Infinite opportunity?  Exploring the unexplored?  Boundless innovation?  Thinking without limits?

For us, ‘Blue Sky Thinking’ communicates beautifully (and far more elegantly than its dreary cousin, ‘thinking outside the box’), how we approach clients’ projects.

‘Blue Sky Thinking’ isn’t a business slogan – it’s a way of life.  It’s a way of viewing the world around us – a view that looks out across a panorama of wonder and intense curiosity.  Using this approach, we’ve created an environment that not only fosters, but actively encourages, practical innovation.  We thrive on, unashamedly, and without fear, asking the question, ‘What if?’

In short – Blue Sky Thinking is a sequence of thinking to see the blindingly obvious, that no-one had ever seen before.

How our Blue Sky Thinking might impact on your project

We’re pretty experienced.  You might think, that after years of resolving clients’ problems with solutions, we’d seen it all.  We’d happily sail along applying cookie-cutter solutions to every   project.  But no.  That’s not us.  That’s not Blue Sky Thinking.

For us, every single new project represents a new challenge.  And this was one of our biggest challenges –

“We’ve found that there are 65,000 MS access databases and we don’t know what they are?”

These were the words of a very large, very worried client.
On the face of it, this was a data classification and migration problem.  But once we’d presented the results of our forensic investigation, a massive row ensued between the board and the main contractor.
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We don’t look at Blue Sky Thinking as a solitary, staring-out-of-the-window process.  For us, it’s a structured, collaborative process – something we do together, as a team.  We analyse and we explore in a collaborative, non-critical atmosphere.  Ours mind are open.  No proposal is discarded without careful consideration.  This approach often leads to ideas that expose the underlying issues, enabling us to create and deliver innovative solutions to common business problems.

Investing in ideas

– how Blue Sky Thinking helps us to help you

Blue Sky Thinking is a long-term investment.  It’s not an approach that we choose to adopt when we’re in the mood.  It’s a habit.  Ingrained in everything we do is the determination to apply the most effective solution to every client request – even if this means using an approach we’ve never used before.

The last 40 years have demonstrated that what was once science fiction is now science fact.  We’re proud to be a part of the scientific and technological revolution, in which the dreams of today become the house hold technologies of tomorrow.

Our passion

Passion – there’s no better word to describe our approach to IT.  It’s this passion that’s the cornerstone of everything we do.  We’re not just hard-working IT experts.  We get a genuine kick out of our work.

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Passionate about our projects

Aristotle once said, ‘All things are possible, given the time and the will to achieve them’. This is certainly true for IT Projects.  Each one we take on throws up its own challenges.
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Our clients

We know our clients like our work, because they tell us.  Take a look at this handful of case studies.  See how we use our experience, skills and innovative approach to find the perfect solution to our clients’ Business issues.

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