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IsSoftware provide us with a consultant for the project i was overseeing. The consultant showed an enormous appetite for knowledge and to provide a solution to each problem encountered.
His dedication to the task and willingness to help others around him is admirable.
I have a lot of time for IsSoftware and wish them all the very best for the future.

Ian Dudman

Principal Solutions Architect at Steria
IsSoftware proved us with a consultant for our project, he is an highly effective and technically outstanding individual with a really good grasp of his subject.
He was much respected by the customers and colleagues on our last project together – so much so that the customer retained their services when the project was complete.
An authoritative and impressive technical manager.

Hugh Macken

Progamme Manager
IsSoftware provided a team for a long running project. They supplied a highly capable Data Architect and Migration Consultants who completed a complex piece of work in establishing a secure private cloud acting as a secure container to host legacy applications and data.
The team were self starters with a broad breadth of experience together with in-depth expertise that each exploited to deliver on time, on budget to the quality required
I look forward to working with IsSoftware again

Jim Ong

Enterprise Solution Architect
IsSoftware has always been a pleasure to work with. Their efficiency and organisation within the role we asked them to supply resources to is highlighted by the fact that they will always follow up to ensure a situation is handled correctly and in a timely manner. IsSoftware has also been a very loyal Sub-Contractor to their roles.

I therefore have no hesitation in recommending IsSoftware!

Gillian Hudson

Resource Specialist
IsSoftware provide a consultant to our work stream. He quickly grasps complex project requirements and his ability to develop innovative, yet practical, technical solutions command the respect of both client and project team.
The consultant is a well-liked and valued team member who, at all times, engages with clients in a highly professional manner.

Sarah Gibbs

Digital Communications Manager
I worked with IsSoftware on a software development project for just over 2 months and the consultants analytical and communications skills were superb.
The consultant is highly approachable, easy to talk to and very enthusiastic about the technology he enters into.
He also has a wealth of cross industry experience that again gives him a good basis to carry out analysis regardless of the type of project.
I’ll hopefully have the chance to work with them again some time soon, and I wish IsSoftware all the success for the future.

Richard Fleming

IT Director at Barry Fleming and Partners
IsSoftware provided support on a project we had running for a UK Government Client, the team provided were great innovators and always come up with a plan B.
Dedicated to the cause and they desperately wants to do a good job.
I would definitely hire IsSoftware again

Ian Jackaman

IT Project Manager at Sopra Steria
I was so impressed with the performance of IsSoftware in our last project. I recommended them for another. I was pleased to find that they had won the work and would be providing their grate service again.
After a year of work we delivered the project, On Time and On Budget. This feat was in no small part due to the oustanding work provide by the team from IsSoftware.
I therefore have no hesitation in recommending them again!

Jim Ong

Enterprise Solution Architect

Our passion

Passion – there’s no better word to describe our approach to IT.  It’s this passion that’s the cornerstone of everything we do.  We’re not just hard-working IT experts.  We get a genuine kick out of our work.
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Blue Sky Thinking

We’re pretty experienced.  After years of resolving clients’ problems, you might think we’d seen it all – happily sailing along applying cookie-cutter solutions to every project.  But no.  That’s not us.  That’s not how we work.  We’re dedicated blue sky thinkers.   Read More

How we work

We’re a team of talented individuals, devoted to creating and delivering effective and innovative IT solutions for our clients’ businesses.  We work in a collaborative way, using our know-how, experience and energy to deliver solutions that work. Read More