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We provide a promise to fix errors while we are on site, in the contract.  All our work is signed off by the client before we bill.  We follow best-practice industry standards. Beyond that, we offer a comprehensive support package.

No – we’re your one-stop shop for fully integrated systems; hardware, software, cabling and installation.

Mostly we are asked to provide business systems, but we have been asked to design and implement solutions that are custom builds.

Yes we do. We have a support team in the UK and can provide follow the sun services with our support partners

Please contact us to request a copy.

Email us at info@issoftware.co.uk or  Call us on 0208 088 6789 or  Fill in our contact form

Our clients come from a wide range of industry sectors.  So, a number of accreditation standards might apply to the same project.  We therefore defer to the clients’ accreditations standards.

A system that is old and may be ineffective (see articles for more information)

This is a set of infrastructure and configured software that provides a protected area for conducting work (see articles for more information)

Blue Sky Thinking

We’re pretty experienced.  After years of resolving clients’ problems, you might think we’d seen it all – happily sailing along applying cookie-cutter solutions to every project.  But no.  That’s not us.  That’s not how we work.  We’re dedicated blue sky thinkers. Read More

Our clients

We know our clients like our work, because they tell us.  Take a look at this handful of case studies.  See how we use our experience, skills and innovative approach to find the perfect solution to our clients’ Business issues.
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Passionate about our projects

Aristotle once said, ‘All things are possible, given the time and the will to achieve them’. This is certainly true for IT Projects.  Each one we take on throws up its own challenges.
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