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Helping you manage your business and giving you round-the-clock peace of mind.

Professional Support Services

Few, except the largest companies, are big enough to warrant their own in-house IT support.  But – smooth-running IT is critical to almost every business, of almost every size.  Your infrastructure and your systems need to work efficiently round the clock.

We can provide exactly this kind of support.

Much of our support work is remote – a process that’s seamless and unobtrusive.  You won’t notice we’re there.  It’s as though you have your own IT department, taking charge of routine admin and solving problems as they arise.

But you get more …

We go a stage further.  We pro-actively monitor potential issues and tackle them before they become an issue.  That’s why most of our customers find their systems are running smoothly 99% of the time.

If you do encounter a problem, your issue becomes our issue.  We take ownership and you become our No.1 priority.  We commit to getting it fixed quickly and efficiently.  With luck (not to mention our skill!), we can often resolve issues within a few minutes.

We log on, access your servers and deal with the problem in real time.  Of course, if necessary, we’ll visit your business premises too.  We don’t mind.  All we care about is getting you back on track.

How does our support service work?

You’ll appreciate our flexibility.  One size definitely does not fit all.  We’ll work with you to set up a bespoke support package which fits in with what you need.  This might comprise unlimited IT support, a pay-as-you-go service or cover for one or more specific elements of your infrastructure (for example, your servers).

Here are some of the aspects of support, you might like to consider –

  • Supporting you remotely by phone and email
  • Monitoring your systems proactively 24/7
  • Overseeing admin
  • Covering server and workstation operating systems
  • Helping with applications, such as Microsoft Office and server-based software
  • Checking web connectivity, server availability and backup status
  • Managing your IT assets – licenses and warranties for hardware and software.

… and much more.


Find out how our IT support service will give you round-the-clock peace of mind.

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